layersThe centrepiece of project x is the efficient analysis of timeseries. with a few clicks you can combine various functions with arbitrary timeseries, calculate the resulting models and optimize them. add and multiply timeseries as easily as moving correlations or as more complex problems as resampled mean-variance-optimizations for example.

The calculation engine bases on timeseries as stock-market data and fundamentals or matrices. The system provides comprehensive functions for an efficient data-management.


layersProject x is a framework for quantitative analysis of timeseries and matrices. Our primary goals are


easyEasy handling: maximized usability and transparancy are crucial.

Despite the complexity the application presents its content clearly. we developed userfriendly controls, that allows you to find and access content fast and efficently. Drag-and-Drop improves your workflow and provides an intuitive experience.


fastFast data processing: performance is pivotal while handling huge amounts of data.

Various units of the system are optimized for fast processing of large volumes of data. The system supports multiple processors and uses installed graphic cards for rendering.


flexibleModular concept: a flexible design for an open system.

flexibleYou can combine the calculation-modules with each other as you will and build nested structures. most system objects are freely scalable. You can attach arbitrary attributes to data-objects and use them in data-filters.


holisticComprehensive approach: the holistic implementation covers a area as broad as possible.

the current system copes with a vast bandwith of use cases. Behind the scenes an open data-architecture and modular calculation-engine eases the adoption of a future range of functions

Luulab Switzerland 2015

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