data managementThe datamanager provides powerful administration tools and is responsible for scalable storage of the data in project X.



The system allows you to manage and storage timeseries and matrices efficiently and effectively.

You can attribute timeseries to a freely scalable amount of assets and timeseries types, restricted only by the underlying hardware and deployed SQL-server. You can define arbitrary attributes for managing your database objects - for which you can filter your asset universe. The system uses an internal date-format which is not restricted by the usual boundaries of software-environments and of databases.


timeseriesProject X manages information automatically - as far as possible.

The system supports the user with convenient drag and drop, commenting and tagging-functions, user-optimized filters and object editors, which you can start from almost everywhere.

You can add users to usergroups. For each usergroup, you can set restrictions for diverse system areas

Data Import

Project X uses efficient import mechanisms for your datasources

The application supports the import of assets and timeseries. Optimized algorithms check the importable data and save them via bulk-mechanisms in the database. You can import data from various files and from the internet. The import from the internet is configurable as for example for historical data from Yahoo and Google.

Luulab Switzerland 2015

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